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Why Eudaimonia?

When we think about the purpose of our lives, happiness is a common destination.  But the ancient Greek philosophers went a step further and proposed that the highest purpose was to achieve not happiness, but Eudaimonia.

Greek Plato_edited.jpg

An ancient Greek word that has no exact English translation. 


How is this a great platform for happiness coaching?

To understand this idea, it helps to know that Eu means good and daimon means spirit.  So, having good indwelling spirits.

But our spirit is not always so easily 'good'.  It can sometimes include pain and darkness.


The Beauty of Eudaimonia

Like the balance of yin and yang, our opposite, yet interconnected energies, it is very possible to be fulfilled and, at the same time, be suffering or under pressure. The goal of eudaimonia is to balance and quiet the pain and discontent we feel.  This is achieved by living a true and authentic life connected to our highest values.

Our most worthwhile and noblest goals, such as raising a family, following a challenging career path, or cultivating a successful relationship, often have many moments that are less than cheerful and in fact cause great anguish, challenge and pain.

Nonetheless,  eudaimonia encourages us to pursue our highest goals because this is what brings us our ultimate fulfillment.  These are the tasks that are worth undertaking.


All humans seek to flourish – to maximize our full human potential.  The concept of eudaimonia tells us that it will not be pain-free, but when we do, we’ll have accessed something greater and more complete than happiness.


Eudaimonia Coaching strives to allow individuals to develop to their fullest potential – but to do so with pleasure and ease by balancing our inner spirits, reducing the struggle of negative energies, fortifying every dimension of ourselves and connecting to our highest values.

We look forward to introducing you to the tools and techniques for this transformative journey.

Eudaimonia is more than happiness.  It is widely interpreted as human flourishing, or having attained the trinity of happiness, health and prosperity.  Some say the closest translation is fulfillment. 

The Compass to Your Success

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