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Energy Leadership Index and Corporate Culture

  Forbes magazine has listed the ELI as one of the 11 assessments that every executive should take


At it's core, an organization strongly reflects how its leaders think, feel and act.

"Group think" begins with "Leader think"

Positive and Negative energy are predominant in organizations as well as people.  Typically, people spend a great deal of time focusing on what’s wrong – with their family, their jobs, their projects, their peers, their relationships, and their lives.  Organizations experience negative energy by constantly reacting to their circumstances with worry, fear, doubt, anger, and guilt.


What will it take to shift the pressure and negativity that surrounds our personal lives and workplaces?


What will help employees to be productive, content, and have a positive view of their organizations and colleagues? 

It takes an inspirational leader who understands the influence of energy

The most successful organizations are those that are filled with confident, powerful individuals.  Positive leaders have the ability to motivate and inspire themselves and others to do extraordinary things and to shift the culture in the organization. 


The ELI assessment is part of the process that creates a powerful leadership style that positively influences and changes not only an individual, but a team and the organization as a whole.  It is key to transforming your employees into leaders and your organization into a thriving, inspired, productive and successful entity.

Relaxed Businessman
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