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How Coaching Works

You ... Me ... 3 Months ...
and a Plan

If you think one-on-one coaching is for you, this is what you can expect from Eudaimonia:

  • Intro call – a personal conversation to discuss the greatest challenges you are facing right now and to answer any questions about the methodology and the skills you will learn.


  • Intention setting call – all packages includes a free start-up call.  In this call we will identify your top challenges, possible solutions, and discuss overall strategy.  Based on this conversation, you will select a package of 12, 18 or 24 sessions.


** In the case of corporate and leadership one-on-one coaching,  an additional meeting is set up to discuss specific objectives and outcomes, and exact business-building competencies that should be addressed.


  • We Begin!  Each session includes 60 minutes of person to person discussion.  You will be an active participant in the direction of the session.  Each session will be different as new discoveries and insights arise.  Goals will be set and/or discussed in each session and informal homework may be assigned.

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