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Welcome to Eudaimonia,
A Platform for You to Find Fulfillment in Life and Business


Eudaimonia is a workshop and coaching company that helps individuals increase their happiness by creating a life that they unconditionally love. 


We work to identify and change whatever is making you unhappy - whether that be in your personal life, your career or in your organization. 


We use the science of happiness to employ a variety of tools and techniques to help individuals find and use their most powerful assets to be happy, fulfilled and flourish in all dimensions of their life.


There is a lot of ‘how to’ about getting happy.  You’re in the right place if you’ve been trying but never seem to be able to create happiness that lasts and has meaning. 


Let’s change that. 

 What Do We Specialize In? 

  • Human Flourishing

  • Happy and Prosperous Lives

  • Fulfillment in Life and Business 

  • Workshops

  • Coaching

  • ELI Assessments

How We Can Help:

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Happy, Fulfilling Life

Reconnect with what gives you life.

What is truly, deeply important to you?

Use your richest gifts, expand your energy, and develop a higher vision for your happiness,  your relationships and your goals.


Flourishing Careers

Starting your career?

Time to align your power and your job?

Ready to amp up your work life?

Make your career a critical part of a happy life.  Create your vision – the world is waiting for you.  It is time to break through.


Specialized coaching for Millennials getting careers on track

Business Brainstorm

Inspiring Workplaces

Re-energize your company.

Lead with Eudaimonia.

Improve the productivity, well-being and resilience of your Team.

Lead with power and compassion for a collaborative workplace.



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     When we have purpose, are happy and fulfilled,

    and when we tap into the very best of ourselves,

    we are immensely prosperous and powerful.

    This is eudaimonia.

    A life lived meaningfully well. 

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