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About Me

About Janet Kosowan, Creator of Eudaimonia

Hello, I’m Janet.  Welcome!


In my career, I have helped and observed people achieve success beyond their wildest dreams.  Individuals, just like you and me, who were determined to achieve whatever they set their heart and mind to do.


My fascination with human potential started 20 years ago when my role in a direct-sales company was to have salespeople become more successful and reach higher sales than even they thought possible.


The  theory was to uncover and solidify a core belief of success in ordinary people, which was supported and empowered through coaching.  And achieve they did, with dozens of people generating personal revenues of over $1million per year! 


Captivated by the potential-for-greatness in all of us, I began my exploration of further coaching.  Dale Carnegie methodology resonated at a core level resulting in me becoming a lead trainer and coaching hundreds of people in the Dale Carnegie Program.

What was still unsolved for me was the connection between possibility & performance and how certain blocks can impede people along their journey.  This led me to Energy leadership - energy based coaching that allows people to discover their purpose & potential by resolving their limiting beliefs and inner critic, and optimizing their own gifts and talents so they live a powerful and authentic life.  


As a coach, I bring compassion, intelligence, humour and energy to help you lead with eudaimonia in both your professional and personal life.  I am committed to helping individuals and organizations improve their well-being, productivity, resilience and happiness.

And so, after years of study, I bring you the program and coaching of Eudaimonia.  It is a gathering of knowledge, technique, research,  30 years of corporate experience,  coaching experience, and faith in human possibility.


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