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Inspiring Leadership

Everyone is a leader. 

Leading is the way we move people, and ourselves, into action.


Imagine a team not of employees, but of Leaders.

Business Brainstorm

Coaching for Leaders, Coaching for Teams.  Leading with Eudaimonia

People are not happy at work.  They are struggling and they are burnt out.  The staggering statistic is that nearly 70% of employees are actively disengaged, with the two most common results of disengaged employees being dysfunctional work relationships (29%) and lower productivity (25%).   Ouch.  For a copy of the full study, click here.


In our workplaces, a shocking 58% of managers do not receive management training.  It is no wonder that leaders cite their top challenges as being:

  • overwhelmed by too many responsibilities

  • aggravated that their job seems to be mostly about fixing problems and putting out fires

  • frustrated that there is no time to develop or implement their own good ideas and projects

  • stressed out over workplace conflict

  • fatigued by a negative corporate culture


Successful managers are supposed to bring out the best in those that they lead.  Who has the time?

Team Meeting

Individual and Team Coaching Changes the Game

Working with individuals or in groups, you and your team will become aligned and engaged by learning key business skills and realizing how their perspective is impacting themselves and their environment. 


The business coaching program at Eudaimonia focuses on both skill based techniques to change the nature of communication by leaders and within teams, and an examination of personal perspective which changes the nature of attitude and culture.

Customized Coaching is a Combination of:


Skill-based Practices:

  • Communication and Relationships:

    • build rapport, get alignment

    • resolve conflict

    • give effective feedback

  • Understand emotional intelligence

  • Develop better problem solving & productivity

    • change & conflict management

    • make quick and accurate decisions

  • manage time effectively

Personal Energy:

  • how your perceptions and beliefs are creating the results that are showing up in your life.

  • focus your beliefs and perceptions so that they support you rather than impede you

  • what is holding you back the most

  • your core strengths

  • how you respond to your environment and the corresponding results

  • tap into your organic leadership values to enable you to lead through inspiration

  • management of stress

What can be expected as a result of the Eudaimonia coaching program?

  • alignment and support of common goals

  • collaboration with greater ease

  • change an environment of conflict and negativity to inspiration

  • become more resilient, resourceful and productive

  • reduce stress,  utilize time more effectively

  • act nimbly in times of change

  • move through conflict quickly

Drawing on a Board
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