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The ELI Assessment

What's Limiting Your Happiness ?

Our energy is at the core of a happy and successful life.  It drives our emotions and behaviours.  Is it possible to change our energy so that we don't merely function ... but thrive?

Assess Your Energy and its Impact on your Life

The ELI is an attitudinal assessment that quantifies how you perceive and approach life.  It measures your underlying beliefs and attitudes and gives you a clear picture of how your energy may be working for or against you.


Based on your response to over 80 questions, the elements of your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions are broken down into7 core energy levels. In a measurable way, you will be able to see:

  • how you are using your energy

  • how your perspectives influence what you have been achieving

  • your major strengths

  • what is holding you back in all dimensions of your life

  • why repetitive patterns are occurring in your life

  • how your energy shifts and how you are influenced when under stress.

Change the Way you View the World

Taking the ELI offers remarkable insights into what is supporting you and what is stopping you.  It provides great empowerment to know that by working with a coach, you can not only change your energy, but activate it to get the results that you want:

  • use your energy to increase fulfilment and happiness

  • lessen stress – understand what triggers you and respond to circumstances, rather than react

  • improve relationships all around you by reducing judgement - of yourself and others

  • lead powerfully - consciously choose how you want to direct your energy

  • increase clarity of purpose and productivity

Happiness - feelings of well-being, abundance, fulfillment ... is all supported by energy.

Research shows that higher scores in the ELI are highly correlated

with increased happiness and success in life. 

Take the ELI - Here's How


The ELI is arranged for you by a certified ELI master practitioner (that’s me!).  You complete it online at your convenience and takes about 25 minutes.


Your personal results are sent to you and your coach by email within 24 hours. The evaluation tells you how much energy you currently have in each of the 7 levels – from the negative (suppressive) to the positive (inspirational), both on a regular basis, and when under stress.  The report includes in-depth information about each energy level.


In a 90 minute personal debrief session, you will learn what the results specifically mean for your life and be coached on how to navigate yourself to improvement and higher performance.

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