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The Art of Happiness Workshops

Create a Life that you Love Unconditionally

Workshops are an amazing environment shared with supportive, like-minded people who are working on a similar mission. 


The impact is exponential.  An energized atmosphere of ideas, perspectives, resources and enjoyment emerges as individuals discover and use their most powerful assets to be happy, fulfilled and flourish in all dimensions of their life.


All workshops  begin with understanding personal energy and how your perspectives direct your thoughts and behaviours.  From negative (suppressive) to positive (creative, inspirational), you will gain insights into your own profile and how it is working for or against you.  You will learn how to use tools and techniques in the most advantageous way, and discover why they may not have been successful for you before.

Group Lecture

Love Your Life

Remember and reconnect with what is important to you and use it to create peace, joy and happiness in all dimensions of your life.

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Networking Event

Create Your Life

Starting or transitioning your career?  Create one that gives you life.  Use your gifts and learn actionable techniques that will clarify your goals and purpose.

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Thriving Workplaces

Customized programs,  giving the skills and practices to individuals and teams in your workplace to create an atmosphere of collaboration, creativity and productivity.

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Your Life

10 weeks


Transform Yourself from the Very Core

In the workshops, you will learn about the seven levels of awareness and energy and will be coached on the building blocks that will enable you to understand, apply and integrate each skill. You will ultimately become your ideal image of who you want, and need, to be to achieve all that you’ve ever sought.

You will be able to understand where your perspectives, behaviours and reactions are really coming from, and importantly, gain insight to others as well.  You will learn to harness your strengths, to engage and inspire yourself to action, and to transform yourself and your world, to greatness.


In the Love Your Life Workshop you will learn techniques to realize greater fulfillment and increase your happiness on a daily level:

  • Connect to your values,  get clear on your gifts and your mission

  • Address and balance each dimension of your life:

    • live a healthy, vibrant lifestyle of your choice

    • foster high energy relationships

    • more time for fun and enjoyment

    • bond with family

    • balance a successful career

    • stop stressing about finances

    • develop your spirituality

Create Your


8 weeks


When we aren't happy at work, our whole life suffers

Enjoying our work is more than an option – it is an obligation that we have to ourselves.  For many, pursuing a challenging, fulfilling career is a most noble goal and a cornerstone to their very happiness.

In the workshop, you will figure out how to truly have it all – create joy and fulfillment in a job that you love and learn specific skills which will help you manage the many challenges that come with every workplace:

  • Be 100% clear what your strengths are,  your unique combination of talents, and your true motivations.

  • Design an inspiring plan for your life.  Short term or long term – just get excited about it!

  • Align your personal mission and your career vision.  Connect your values, your strengths and your goals.

  • Master life-long time management and stress management techniques

  • Learn and practice proven communication skills:

    • present yourself with confidence and poise

    • listen and respond to others effectively and with understanding

    • network and have engaging conversations with ease

    • motivate peers through positive and energizing feedback

Thriving Workplaces

Custom Timing and Price

Create a Place People Love to Work

The business workshops at Eudaimonia are made to order.  After a consultation about the challenges you face, the changes you desire and the skills that are needed, we will hand select and hand craft a workshop that is perfect for your team.  

The program can focus on either skill based techniques to change the nature of communication by leaders and within teams, and an examination of personal perspective which changes the nature of attitude and culture.  Or a combination of both:

  • what is success for Teams and the organization

  • emotional intelligence

  • dynamic communication

  • problem solving

  • productivity

  • high energy relationships

  • time management / stress management

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