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Introducing Eudaimonia - A Platform to Seek Fulfillment in Life and Business

Our Innate Desire is Happiness & Fulfillment

I was recently in a party store with my too-cute-for-words nephew Jack, who was completely captivated by the dozens of balloons bopping on the ceiling. I offered to buy him any balloon he chose and I was very interested to see how the decision-making process of a 3-year old operated when confronted with a cohort of ALL of his favourite characters – Minions, Spiderman, Paw Patrol. A tough decision indeed.

As an Auntie, his choice surprised me, but as a happiness expert, it didn’t. It certainly gave me a boost of confidence about the business that I launch today.

Jack selected the bastion of happiness as defined by worldwide pop-culture – the smiley face

This selection served to prove that although happiness has been studied for thousands of years, and was declared a fundamental human goal in a resolution adopted by the United Nations a few years ago,

it really only takes a 3-year old to know that …

“Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence”,

as Aristotle proclaimed.

Happiness and Mental Health

The subject of happiness has certainly shifted over the years and of course remains subjective because happiness to you, might mean something different to myself or others in the world. However, something that runs true for all of us is that we want to feel good. We are drawn to the things that make us feel positive, healthy, happy and fulfilled, however, it isn’t always the easiest to explore when we do not feel that way.

Happiness is a Serious Business

It is worth noting that happiness has become a bit of a hot and trendy topic in recent years, with book sales in the happiness genre going up +26% in one year and with it being the #1 requested talk topic. We understand that happiness matters, however there is so much more to explore behind the BUZZWORD and its implications on our lives.

For example, the recent recognition surrounding mental health issues and especially the Bell “Let’s Talk” campaign have certainly loosened the stigma around people’s willingness to talk about their unhappiness, but we still have a ways to go.

I believe the first step to finding fulfillment is also being able to acknowledge and discuss when it is not-so-present in our lives (without judgment or shame). It is so important to talk about these subjects and the things that we are all able to use, to heal ourselves and seek our deepest desires.

My Passion is to Guide Those who Seek More

I felt called to launch this business to serve as a platform to those who are seeking a life of fulfillment. A life where we can acknowledge our life’s experiences, appreciate the hills and valleys and take the necessary steps to make positive changes to find happiness, wellness and fulfilment in all areas of our lives.

I invite you to take a quick scan of your life and how it feels. If there are areas you would like to see a change in, I want you to know that you have the power to make those changes and that there are many resources, tools and trainings available to you.

I hope to touch more on these topics as well as share resources that can help you on this mission. If you are interested in coming along on the journey, I invite you to join our growing community of Happiness Seekers by joining our mailing list, where you will get access to valuable topics and trainings every other week! :)

What are your thoughts on happiness and fulfillment? What big changes have you gone through to seek more in your life? Let us know in the comments!

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